Are you ready for
a change?

Hell yeah!!!! If that is your answer to the above question then keep reading. Change can happen in one of two ways: inch-by-inch or full throttle put the pedal to the medal.

Imagine you are driving on a beautiful country road. You are driving a sleek black sports car, the top is down, hair blowing in the wind, it is the perfect is weather and life is good. You see a sharp coming on up ahead what do you do?

Do you tap the brakes and slowly take the curve or do you speed up and with all the grace of a race car driver round the curve? If you chose the latter, then you are my kind of girl. You don’t want to attack your makeover at a snail’s pace. You want the fairy godmother, the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, and presto! You are transformed!

Do you tap the brakes and slowly take the curve or do you speed up and with all the grace of a race car driver round the curve? If you chose the latter, then you are my kind of girl. You don’t want to attack your makeover at a snail’s pace. You want the fairy godmother, the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, and presto! You are transformed!

Now the “curve” you are approaching might be a milestone birthday, a divorce, empty nest, or you’ve had your scary mirror moment where you saw yourself in the mirror and said, “What happened to you?” as if you were a character on CSI and have arrived a recent crime scene.

No matter the curve you’ve been thrown, there is a way to rev-up your style. You can Tune-up your style.

Rev-Up your style and come out stronger, lovelier, and more stylish than ever before.

Which one are you?

There was once two women. Let’s call one Mrs. T and the other Ms. H.

Mrs. T was a wife, a mother of two children, had her own career. She was caring, lovable, and dependable. Dinner would be promptly at 6 pm. She went to church every Sunday and only called in sick to work, when she was actually sick. Her sense of style was not sloppy, it was not mismatched, it was just bland. She blended in with the background. She was never complimented on her clothes. She picked out her clothes for the day as if she was picking out a brown onion to chop up for a spaghetti sauce – that is, it was just another task to cross of the list.

Ms. H was single , pretty, but not gorgeous, and looking for a relationship. She had a best friend who was stylish, beautiful, and always the life of the party. While she loved her friend, she had always been a little envious of her friend’s ability to always look so put together. And by always tagging along with her best friend, she was comparing herself to her friend and coming up short.

These two women were about to be thrown some curves in their life.

Mrs. T was approaching a milestone birthday and thus looking back on her life and what she wanted in the future.

Ms. H’s best friend got engaged and instead of being happy for her she realized she was more jealous than ever and realized that she too wanted to get married so she needed to start seriously dating.

Both realized they needed to make some changes and were in need of a makeover. Mrs. T laid out her makeover goals and slowly but surely over the course of her milestone birthday year inched closer to her goals. Ms. H, however knew her makeover goals and decided to tackle.

What is a style tune-up?

Just like a car needs a tune-up every 100,000 miles or so, your style may also need tune-up every 100,000 tears, smiles, frustrations, or laughs. Your life can sometimes takeover and your sense of style gets worn down, less efficient, and less stylish. A style tune-up allows you to give yourself a little refresher or a little boost VERY QUICKLY since all the work is done for you.

It’s not just shopping, it’s not just color analysis, it a complete style experience customized to you, your lifestyle, and your style goals.

Here's how it works:

Send us your selfies – Take a picture of yourself every day for a week and upload your photos so I can get a sense of your current wardrobe and lifestyle.

Phone consultation – Review your current style and photos. Answer questions about your current wardrobe, challenges you are having, a lifestyle assessment, and all your basic style stats like color, body shape, etc…

Style Tune-up – You get your very own Style Tune-up Look Book (check out the sample below)

Style Tune-up sample book

Download Sample

Here's what you get:

Your comprehensive style tune-up look book is delivered to your very own custom magazine with all the information you need to complete your Style Tune-up.

With the Style Tune-up, you have essentially set your style cruise control. While you are getting ready in the morning, you’ll throw open your closet doors and your wardrobe will be composed of colors that look fabulous on you.

The difficulty will be deciding, should I wear the outfit that got me the compliment at the grocery store? Or the one, that got me the compliment from the receptionist at work?

Subject to change based on the lifestyle assessment

You’ll get dressed with more confidence, feel more polished and put-together, and get more compliments on your clothes, sense of style, and overall more content demeanor.

Can clothes really do all that? You know it can and that is why you are reading this page. All you have to do is reflect on your life and think of a time you looked and felt great. You can have that again… every day.

Use clothes already in your closet

You won’t have to buy all new clothes. The daily photos that you submit will show me what items you currently have in your wardrobe so your mix n’ match options will include some new items and some items currently in your wardrobe.

The only curve I am throwing you is telling which clothes to continue using, which colors to use, and new clothes to add.

I’ve been thrown some curves too…

I’ve had to expertly round curves that have been thrown to me on the set of photo shoots, pageants, fashion shows, and music videos. I’ve had 11 pm phone conversations with UPS about photo shoot dress deliveries, driving 80 miles to get a dress and accessories to a pageant contestant, and 1 am video shoots on the roof of an abandoned building in downtown L.A. In all of these situations and many more I have been required to rev-up the style of models and clients

"Your styling looks absolutely beautiful in these photographs.”

“…nice to collaborate with a pro”

“Your style and look really distinguishes itself.”

These curveballs (i.e. styling challenges) have helped me to learn how to turn up the style quickly if needed and has shaped the style I present and share on social media.

Fans on YouTube can attest to my sense of style:

The Style Tune-up is unique because it is not just color analysis or just personal shopping, it is a comprehensive process that allows you to completely rev-up your style and your wardrobe.

You could attempt the makeover process yourself.

Total Time = 12.5 hours + countless hours of worry, frustration, and second-guessing yourself

You could spend almost 13 hours attempting a massive makeover process on your own to tune-up your style and still end up with a sense of style that lacks the stylishness and polish that you crave. Or you could purchase, Style Tune-Up and enjoy the makeover process from the comfort of your own home (we can talk on the phone while you are still in your pajamas and fuzzy slippers).

I get to work on your Style Tune-up while you relax and fantasize what your new wardrobe will look like.

The confidence and peace of mind you receive will be worth many times the price.

For a limited time – You’ll also receive a set of Style Recipe Cards – House Collection which includes more than 100 mix n’ match options ($97 Value)

A Guarantee Too Good To Be True

Style Tune-up comes with an unbelievable 20/20 guarantee. 20 compliments in 20 days or your money back and you get to keep the set of Style Recipe Cards. No that wasn’t a typo, you get your money back and you get to keep the Style Recipe Cards ($97 value). That is how confident I am that you will absolutely love how I rev-up your style.

To start your Style Tune-up for only $497, just click the order button below:

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